Options & Features

Chose from a number of options to fully customize your own Pond-Tini to fit your needs.

Seat Options

We offer both Pedestal Seat options as well as Bench Seats with under seat storage. Choose from several different layouts or design your own.

Electrical Storage and Standard Storage Box Images

Cladding Graphics

Red, Black, White
Blue, Black, White
Green, Black, White
Black, Gray, White
Red, Gray, Black
Blue, Gray, Black
Green, Gray, Black
Red, Gray, White
Black, Gray, White
Green, Gray, White

Rail Mount Pole Holder

Live Well

20 Gallon Aerated Live Well

Railing Gates

Enclose the railing openings with gates.

Swim Ladder

Enter the boat from the water with ease by adding a swim ladder.

Steering Helm

Pair a side or center mount console with any remote steer motor.